So DC

    I’m so D.C. that I’ve witnessed my friends who are crack babies fall victim to their circumstances lured int the temptation that the streets created, backed into a corner where like a trapped animal they could only strike, be captured, or die. I’m so DC that I see my city changing into a thriving oasis that is not meant to house those native to it’s concrete and slowly watch the red tape that is drawn to prevent access to resources for constructive living. I’m so D.C that sometimes I wish I could view it through the rose colored glasses the intruders are allowed to peer through and not know the corner where you rent those bikes is where a little girl got kidnapped. To have no knowledge that the newly renovated condo building used to be abandoned where lost girls turned tricks for attention and little boys got high to escape reality. I’m so D.C. that I can be honest enough in saying there is no more D.C. we simply exist in the District of Columbia….See you in P.G.

    😂😂😂 CTFU!!!!!!





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